Baby Bamboo Bliss (or The Quest for the perfect Pajamas)

A little over a year ago (April 2015) things started to get real serious. I was into the third trimester of my first pregnancy and nesting took its own personalized hold on me. 

From the beginning I researched, and researched, and researched (I know everyone does this, but I seriously went a little overboard). From car seats to strollers, swaddles to bottles, cloth diapers to baby carriers, and everything in between. I knew what was on the market, I knew what people thought of these products, I knew what was trendy, what was spendy, what seemed to be important, what seemed to be gimmicky and fear mongering. I knew what direction we were headed and I honestly felt pretty confident in the choices we were making. 

But, then I found myself rounding out the last bit of pregnancy and I started to panic thinking of all the baby items we still lacked. This started with sleepwear. 

What was the best? 

What was the most comfortable? 

What was cute and not covered in appliqués (totally cool if this is your style, just not one I am that into)? 

What would make sense in the middle of June in South Texas in a house with no insulation and an overworked central heating system? 

Would my baby freeze? 

Would he or she overheat? 

Were those sacks the easiest for diaper changes? (Oh and the ones that knot! They are so cute, but how practical) 

Did I really need kimono style stuff to begin with to avoid irritating the umbilical cord? (The answer ended up being no) 

And how big was this baby going to be anyway? I was measuring small, did I need preemie sizes? 

I thought back to the amazing bamboo clothes and sheets I had in the past. They were comfortable, cozy, but also much more breathable than cotton, I knew I wanted to try out bamboo. It ended up being for a combination of reasons, but ultimately I decided to order a few pj sets from

Now there are a lot of options here. Lots of brands, lots of price ranges, but a few companies really stood out; Sweet Bamboo, Baby Soy, Burt’s Bees Baby and Kickee Pants.

The Baby Soy and Burt’s Bees were great, 100% cotton, soft, adorable, I actually even kept one of each, but the Kickee Pants were unbelievable, so soft, the deep eggplant sack I ordered because it had been on sale was perfect. 
I quickly ordered a blue pair of the footies, taking advantage of stacked discount codes (will address this more at a later date), and selected the sack to be our baby’s first outfit. It would work perfectly, be it a boy or a girl.
Three months later and our precious baby girl arrived. 

My mother quickly ran to the local baby boutique and bought a selection of the most girly Kickee Pants sleepers she could find. I washed everything in dreft and hung it in Juliet’s closet with care. 

Then, reality set in. It was the end of June, it was hot! (We opted to bed share, so we were all really HOT!)

She wore that first outfit for about 3 hours before I stripped her down and except for photo opportunities, she wore nothing but a diaper for the next two and a half months. 

Back when I was researching cloth diapers, I discovered this whole online community of parents buying/selling/trading, sharing ideas, philosophies, opinions and just general parental knowledge. I didn’t understand, though, just how widespread this community was until I applied this knowledge to Kickee Pants

Juliet quickly grew out of her pajamas so I joined a facebook group called Kickee (kicky) pants b/s/t, and Kickee pants b/s/t and auction, hoping to recoup some of the small fortune spent on these hardly worn, relatively expensive (totally worth it though, but seriously wait for sales if you are on a budget because they happen often) baby clothes.

To my surprise, kickee pants stuff had a much higher resale value than other brands. These “Mammas” were very serious about their pajamas. 

I dove into a world of acronyms, feeling a bit overwhelmed and inexperienced.

There were coveted HTF (hard to find) items and prints.

 People were ISO (in search of) or even more seriouse DISO (desperately in search of) these HTF pieces. 

There were quality control acronyms, which everyone seemed to just agreed and understand on:

  • NIP (new in package), 
  • EUC (excellent used condition), 
  • GUC (good used condition), etc. 
  • PLAY (this much wear deserved no acronym at all, it simply means these item would be stained, full of holes, full of pills, or so much wash wear that they wouldn’t be appropriate for the usual baby business meeting/formal outing. Reserved simply for play, because babies do so much else?)

People were paying over retail values for these HTF items. 

What in the world was all this? 

Was I even qualified to sell our clothes here? 

Then there were the feedback sister pages. How could I start selling if I had no feedback!!!

And then there were the purges, which really deserve a full post to themselves, but in short it’s about purging your “stash” of baby clothes all at once in a quick fire almost game like progression. Where eager mommas line up hoping to be the first to respond and win the precious items for their LO (little one), DD(dear daughter), DS (dear son) with the hope that their DH (dear husband) won’t panic over the exorbitant prices or sheer numbers reflected in their PayPal and subsequently their bank account.

The ladies talk about hoping the packages are not delivered while DH is home and how they have secret stashes of clothes and swaddles just waiting to be unpackaged. Basically just like any good collectible, except these are baby clothes and blankets. 

At first I was pretty discouraged, had no luck selling our newborn stuff as a newbie. I spoke out about this on the page and a few gals swooped in and quickly helped me out. One traded my first listing for something she had been “hoarding” and actually threw in a PIF (pay it forward) item as well.

Full of optimism with the sweet smell of baby powder laundry detergent lingering, and the precious face of my newborn taking on every new moment with pure unadulterated curiosity, I knew she NEEDED these pjs, and I was going to figure out how to get them for her. For cheap. And I did (Also the hours of being nap/nursing trapped allowed for a tad too much Facebook time).

We have now managed to size up twice using the money recouped from my mother’s initial investment plus a tiny bit more where I took advantage of sale pricing. 

Then, our Aunt Lynn gave us one of those DISO prints. 

The kind I had seen but never dared to consider. 

The kind that went for upwards of $100, used and in PLAY condition. 

I had in my hands the highly coveted and adored MERMAIDS…

But that’s a topic for another day. 

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