Hello Blog

This is not the first time I have started a blog.

The first was in 2004 when I first moved out to Los Angeles. In the midst of desperately trying to find work as an extra on TV shows somehow I thought my life and adventures in Hollywood might be an interesting read for someone out there, but it was not interesting enough for me to continue posting except for my first entry. I must’ve discovered MySpace because that is where I blogged more than anywhere else. Of course myspace ended up slowly fading away, replaced by Facebook, and my blog entries disappeared. 

At first I was irate at this thought,  but I quickly came to terms with it and decided it was probably best that some of the things I had written died an untimely internet death.

 Then I tried starting one as a substitute for a personal website, showcasing my acting endeavors. 

Then I started one showcasing photography. 

Then I randomly started blogging about stuff happening in my life like what I was cooking that day, but I have never been very good at being consistent or disciplined at it, so I am attempting now to start again and hopefully find something interesting to say to the world.

Enough talk of that though.

Fast forward to 2016 where I find myself living in Massachusetts with my husband and  14-month-old daughter, Juliet. 

 I intend to use this blog as a platform to share the things that I am actively researching on a daily basis anyway including but not limited to; recipes, small businesses that make baby products, the products they carry, homemade baby food, homemade baby clothes, lessons I learn in motherhood, and who knows what else. 

 Anyway I will keep this short because, no doubt, talking about what I will post about is not nearly as interesting as me going ahead and posting.


Hopefully you will find it interesting.

Hopefully I will be consistent.

Hopefully Juliet will approve.


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